*Frequently Asked Questions About Crowd1*

*Frequently Asked Questions About Crowd1*

*1, Must I refer before I can earn?*

In Crowd1 referring or recruiting is _not_ compulsory for you to earn, all active members will be paid, either they recruit or not. However, when you recruit, you can achieve ranks and title faster, and earn on your Binary, Matching and Fear of Loss Bonus, which can give you daily and monthly earning.

*2, What are the Education Packages?*

Education package is the sole products of Crowd1 that give you a membership access when purchased. Crowd1 has types of Education Packages: White, Black, Gold and Titanium. Once you purchase any of this packages it gives you access to Mygrithub.com where you can receive Real Estate and Personal Development Education.

*3, Who are the people behind Crowd1?*

Crowd1 was founded in Sweden, and the headquarters is in Madrid, Spain. The CEO is the renowned serial entrepreneur Johan Staël von Holstein.

*4, What is the minimum amount to join Crowd1?*

The minimum amount is €99 to buy White Education Package. Exchange rate varies from countries to countries and time to time.

*5, What are the available methods of payment?*

You can purchase your Education Package using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bank Transfer, Visa Card and Gift-code.

*6, What is Gift-code?*

Gift-code is like internal currency in Crowd1 ecosystem. It’s being generated by members from their account balance. When generated it can be given to a new member to pay for an educational package. Gift-code can equally be used by existing members to upgrade their education package. The minimum account balance to generate Gift-code is €99 for White Pack. Gift-code is the easiest way a member can convert her account balance to Cash. Generate a Gift-code and collect cash equivalent in local currency.

*7, What is minimum withdrawal?*

The minimum amount you can withdraw to your Bitcoin Wallet in a day is €20 and €100 to your local bank account. To generate GiftCode you need to have €99 minimum. You can withdraw as many time as possible in a day, but your daily limit withdrawal to Bitcoin and  Local Bank account is €2000, your Gift-code has no limit except if you have exhausted your account balance.

*8, What is the exchange rate?*

There is no global rate since the currency market fluctuate every seconds. However in Nigeria it’s currently pegged at ₦500 to €1, that means to buy a White Pack of €99 you will pay ₦50,000.

*9, I don’t want to have an up line, can I join the company directly?*

Crowd1 is a Network Marketing company, to join you will need to sign up using a link from the person that introduce you to the business. This is a fair system that rewards everyone base on their activities to bring in more people to the platform. You will need to sign up using your inviter registration link.

*10, Where can I get more support to build my business?*

Talk to your sponsor. Most of the teams in Crowd1 usually have WhatsApp and Telegram Group for their members where they can receive updates, news and motivation. Some leaders equally organize Zoom Meetings for their team members.

*11, Can’t I join without buying an Educational Packages?*

REGISTRATION is free.. But you will need to buy an education package to benefit from the Crowd1 bonus system and access to the Crowd1 Real Estate and Personal Development education platform.

*12, Is Crowd1 not a gambling company?*

No, Crowd1 is not a gambling nor gaming company. Crowd1 create different online platforms which are like a mall, where different companies can come to ‘rent a space’ and advertise their products. One of such platforms (malls) is Affligo where a regulate betting company can advertise in some countries. Crowd1 only provide the platforms. Crowd1 members are not obligated to participate in those gambling or gaming before they can make money. However, if any member decided to join any of those third parties companies using Crowd1 platform, Crowd1 get paid and are the profit with its members. Crowd1 in this respect is just like an advertising agent or media house.

*13, What are the different ways of making money with Crowd1?*

You can make money in 6 different ways:

*Binary Bonus* paid instantly once there is a match  in the legs. Can be earned severally in a day. You need to sponsor minimum 2 people to qualify for Binary Bonus. 

*Matching Bonus* paid instantly once any of your downlines earn Binary Bonus. It can be earn severally in a day.

*Fear of Loss Bonus* earn once in lifetime after 14 Days in the business. To qualify for this huge bonus, you need to sponsor minimum 4 people within your first 14days. You can earn upto €3000 from Fear of Loss Bonus. 

*Affiliate Residual Bonus* earn monthly base on the Crowd1 profits. You earn according to your network level. This is the true residual income. And the biggest in the history of Network marketing industry. 

*Streamline Bonus* claim weekly, and paid out quarterly (90 days). The first Level is free for all members. Level 2 to 20 require a member to fulfill certain conditions. Streamline Bonus ensure that every member of Crowd1 make money. 

*Crowd1 Reward* specific value is given at point of purchasing and upgrade of a pack. White Pack comes with €100 Crowd1 Reward, Black Pack comes with €300 Crowd1 Reward, Gold Package come with €1000 Crowd1 Reward, and Titanium Pack come with €3500 Crowd1 Reward. Value is assigned to Crowd1 Reward base on certain algorithm. In future, Crowd1 will launch an *an Exchange* where members can trade their Crowd1 Reward.

*14, Where is Crowd1 offices?*

Crowd1 is an online platform changing the way business is being done, it requires no brick and mortal offices to operate in any country, all what is required is internet connection. However Crowd1 manage physical office for its staff in the following countries.

Spain 🇪🇸 : Crowd1 Headquarters

Calle Velazquez 86, Portal A, 1 derecha 28006, Madrid

Sweden 🇸🇪 : Stockholm 

South Africa: Johannesburg 

Philippines 🇵🇭 : Manila 

Colombia 🇨🇴: in Bogota (Coming soon) 

*15, I have other questions*

Watch this video: https://youtu.be/iM031A1JVRw

To join: https://crowd1.com/signup/pilots




For more info: https://crowd1.com

WhatsApp: +2348033977605

Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/FmLg1xt1dVvqyd0ncYw5dw


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