How to make money daily in Crowd1

✳️*Activate* your Account by buying an education package of your choice.

✳️Recruit *two* people, one to your *Left Leg* and the other to your *Right Leg* and automatically you will start *earning* what is called *Binary Bonus*

✳️If you *recruit* 4 people within 14 days of ACTIVATING your account then you get between *€125.00 to €3000.00* as your *Fear of Loss Bonus.* ( Always tell your *new recruits* never to miss this bonus.)

✳️ *Upgrade* to a higher package especially by taking advantage of the *epic promotion* because you will save a lot of money if you *upgrade* during the promotion time.

✳️If you don’t have 2 people under you as your *direct downlines* then you will miss the *Binary Bonus* as well as the *Streamline Bonus.*(Therefore it’s a *MUST* that each *Crowd1 member* must at least have *2 direct downlines*)You can fail to recruit 20 people but *NEVER FAIL* to recruit just only *2 people* because those two people are your *key*🔑 to *money.*💰

✳️You can also *earn* from the hardwork of your upliner (Sponsor) because whoever your upliner recruit will spillover to his or her downliners.But if you don’t have your 2 people in order to open your *Binary* then you will also NOT receive anything from your Sponsor’s hardwork.

✳️We also earn from our Affiliates and at the moment we have *AffilGo and Miggster* and more affiliates are going to come in as the company grows.

✳️Monthly we shall start receiving a *Monthly Residual Income* (Keep checking your Back-office for the announcement)

✳️Quarterly we shall also receive a *Quarterly Dividend.* The total number of your *Crowd 1 rewards* will determine how much you will receive as a dividend.The more C1 Rewards,the more the money.

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