In Crowd1-there is what is called the PASSIVE & ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP

: In Crowd1 there is what is called the PASSIVE & ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP.

Now let me break it down 

PASSIVE MEMBERS: Are those that  registered because they are interested in the Owners Right ( Profit Sharing quarterly). These people enjoy 40% profit as a member in Crowd1.


These are people that registered but they are not comfortable with the quarterly payments only but also interested in d daily, weekly n monthly pay together with the , payments. 

These people are called the NETWORKERS. So they enjoy the 40% ownership right as well as 40% Net

work level which consist of  1-18 levels.

 By so doing, they are Active members that enjoy 80% of the profit in Crowd1 only by recruiting people. You see the choice is yours🤷‍♀️.

There are people in this business that are so comfortable with the PASSIVE membership. There are big guys n ladies that Registered with 1.1million n go to sleep waiting for Dividend from Crowd1 by June 2020. 

My dear, if u are not in that class then do the needful and ( Recruit).


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