*KUAILIAN* *Decentralized Protocol*HOW TO START*

If you have clear enough that you want to invest in Kauilian, then I explain to you the steps you have to follow. It is much easier than it looks

1. Open an ETH Wallet

The currency Kuailian operates with is Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency.

Therefore, you will need a wallet to send and receive ETH’s.

There are different Wallet services that work very well. you can download and install it on your computer in 30 seconds. You just have to enter the web and press the “Download” button.

An app version is also available. Some of these services, in addition to Wallet, also offer an Exchange service, such as Coinbase or Kuailian Bank.

That is, apart from sending and receiving ETH’s, they allow you to exchange FIAT money (Euros, Dollars, …) for cryptocurrency, in this case, ETH.

It is possible to only use Coinbase as an integrated Wallet and exchange service

When you have signed up for Coinbase, you will be assigned an Ethereum Wallet. It is the equivalent to the IBAN of a bank account.

It is important that you know the public key of your Ethereum Wallet (it is a very long alphanumeric key), since you will have to indicate it to Kuailian when you register.

In that Ethereum Wallet is where Kuailian will pay you all your returns.

In this video I explain to you how to know what your Ethereum Wallet is in Coinbase.

Once you know the public address of your ETH Wallet, you can register with Kuailian.

2. Register in Kuailian

In order to register in Kuailian it is essential that an affiliate invites you. The affiliate will receive a small part of the contributions and returns of the new investor.

In this link I leave the invitation for you to register in Kuailian.

When you access the registration screen, you will see that your Affiliate is Joeley, which is my username in Kuailian.

You just have to fill in the form with your data, including the Ethereum Wallet where you want to receive your daily returns and the password you want to use.

For further security, it is advisable to use a password that you have never used before.

In the “Leadership promo code” field you can enter a promotional code if you have one. Otherwise, leave it blank.

3. Buy Ethereums (ETH)

The next thing you will have to do is to pay the activation fee in Kuailian.

Therefore, you will need to buy ETH’s.

The Kuailian Bank platform allows you to buy Ethereums, as explain in this video tutorial, but in order to start trading with Kuailian Bank, you will have to pay the Kuailian activation fee in Ethereums beforehand. So you will need to have a minimum initial amount of ETH’s to pay this fee.

If you do not have ETH’s, you can buy them in one of the Exchange platforms that allow you to exchange Euros for ETH’s.

There are several Exchange platforms, but the one I use is Coinbase.

If you want to register in Coinbase do it through this link, since it has a prize for both. When you buy your first $ 100 in cryptocurrency, both you and I will receive $ 10 in gift Bitcoins.

In this article I explain how Coinbase works and how to buy ETH’s.

When you have registered on Coinbase (or on any other Exchange platform) you will be able to buy your ETH’s.

I recommend that you buy at least the equivalent of about $ 255. In the following points you will see why.

4. Pay the initial fee in Kuailian and pass the KYC process

In order to operate in Kualian, the first step is to pay the initial fee of $ 50’95. This payment is unique and allows to activate your user.

You will see that when you log in Kuailian, it shows you a screen that tells you the address of the Kuailian E-Wallet where you have to send the fee and the amount to be transferred in ETH’s.

This amount will depend on the price of Ethereum at that time, but it is always the equivalent of $ 50’95.

To do so, you will have to make send the ETH amount from your Ethereum Wallet. If you use Coinbase, you can see how to do it in this post.

If you use Exodus as Wallet the process is very similar.

Once you have made the transfer from your ETH wallet, indicate in Kuailian that you have already paid and as soon as the transfer is confirmed (it usually takes a few minutes although sometimes there is congestion), your account will be activated.

You will also have to pass the KYC (Know Your Costumer) process. It is a security measure to confirm the identity of the user. You will simply have to take a picture of your ID card.

When you have paid the registration fee and passed the KYC process, if you reload the page you will see that new menus appear, which are exclusive for active users.

5. Buy your first Kuais in Kuailian

It’s time to start investing!

The way to invest is by buying shares or Kuais.

At the beginning you will only be allowed to buy low risk kuais. In this article I explain the differences between low risk and medium risk kuais.

Each Kuai costs $ 100, which means that the value of 1 Kuai in ETH’s is not always the same. It will depend on the ETH / $ price of the day.

But the important thing is that your investment is going to be measured in ETH’s, not in kuais. That is, your participation percentage (which is what determines the return you will be paid each day) is calculated by dividing the ETH’s that you have invested among the total ETH’s in the investment pool.

This means that the profitability that investors will obtain (in%) will be the same for all. Logically, in absolute value, whoever has invested more will earn more income.

The process of buying Kuais is identical to the payment of the initial fee, with the only difference that in this case, the Kuailian Ethereum Wallet to which the transfer must be made is different.

invitation for you to register in Kuailian.

It is advisable to buy at least 2 Kuais ($ 200), since it is the minimum number of Kuais from which you get returns from the affiliate network (in case you have created your own network).

That’s why I told you before that when you bought ETH’s, you should buy at least the equivalent of about $ 255 to pay the registration fee to Kuailian ($ 50’95) + 2 Kuais ($ 200).

The other $ 5 are to pay the commissions charged by the Exchange when the cryptocurrency is purchased (in the case of Coinbase, approximately 1.49%).

To know the address of the Kuailian Ethereum Wallet to which you have to make the transfer and the amount, on the home page (or with the Software Products menu option), press the Buy button corresponding to the low-risk kuais ( Low-Risk Strategy).

Indicate the number of Kuais you want to buy, check all the boxes and click Buy.

The rest of the process is identical to the payment of the initial fee.

That purchase transaction results in a contract or license, with the amount of kuais you have purchased.

While the transaction is waiting fot verification, the Contract is in “Pending” state. When the transaction is verified (it usually takes a few minutes), the contract turns into “New” status.

To see the status of a contract, click on the “Licenses” option in the menu.

The verification of the transfer does not imply the immediate activation of the contract.

The contract will take several days to activate. Typically, it takes 10 to 13 days, but it can take up to 30 days.

As soon as it is activated, the contract goes into “Ongoing” status and the daily payment will begin for the following 1,000 days:

invitation for you to register in Kuailian.

Congratulations! You have already completed the purchase process.

6. Share your experience

When you have verified that you receive every day your earnings in your account I invite you to put a comment with your experience that can be useful for other users.

For more information and assistance:

WhatsApp/call/text: +2348033977605



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